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A suitable subject for a model - Two Dutch tugs.



This article appeared in a recent edition of the "Tug Towing and Offshore newsletter".

Last week the National Dutch Towage Museum could add two new very fine models to her collection. First a model of the harbour tug Jan Goedkoop Jr. and second the Ocean Going Salvage tug Barentsz -Zee. 

The builder Jan Rison, a retired operator, spent more than 500 working hours on each model. Jan Rison said: “I found the Barentsz Zee ten years ago at an antiquary at the Spiegelgracht in Amsterdam when I did some restore work on old ship for him. The model was found in a garbage container and I ask the antiquary why the model was dumped into the container. He told me that this model could be restored but that it is up to you. I took the model home and start with the restoration. The model was made of sink plates on a brass keel with brass frames bended from brass T-profile and all soldered. The bow was complete destroyed which I have complete restored it with polyester. The superstructure was made from red copper which I complete renewed with polystyrene plate as the model has to be sailed again. The cap on the stake is still from red copper. My building time for this model was 500 hours. Personally I think the builder of the model spent more than 2000 hours” ​

​The tug Jan Goedkoop Jr. is made from wood with frames. On this Jan spent another 500 hours for this model. The Dutch National Towage Museum is grateful that Jan has ceded the models to the Museum. 

Visit the Dutch National Towage Museum and watch the fine models with all her details. Hoogstraat 1-3 – 3142 EA Maassluis 


LOWESTOFT DRIFTER,                                         Beam 6”          Length 30”,
POCOMOKO FISHING BOAT                                                       Length 23”
TALISMAN               Inshore Fishing Boat   Scale 1/40”            Length 15”
CORMORANT          inshore trawler
SHIRLEY-ANN        Inshore Stern trawler                                   Length 27 ½”
SANTA ANN STERN WHEELER & CARGO                                   Length  15 ½”
♦ Spanish Fishing Boat                       Scale 1/24                        Length 29”


DOZER                                  Log Pusher
CERVIA                                Scale 1/48                  Beam 6¼”      Length 28”   *
CULLAMIX                                                              Beam 9 ¾”     Length 39½”*
EEzebilt 50+ Beaver tug

FLYING DUCK                    Scale 1/32                  Beam 9 ½”     length 37”  * 
SUN XX1                                                                                         Length 35”
MASTER STEAM TUG                                                                    Length 39”   *
ELF 1906 WEST COAST STEAM TUG                                          Length 32”   *
LAZY ALLAN                                                         Beam 13 ½”    Length 47 ½”
SEAFORTH CONQUEST Anchor Handling Tug & Supply Ship   Length 36”
MISURI                                  Small Push Tug Boat
LULONGA                      Paddle Wheel Tug      Scale 1/32        Length 30     
1930 TUG - plans can be made to any size
WRIGLEY 121                      Pusher/paddle wheel                      Length 25”
JENNY SUE                          small Pusher tug                               Length  18”
EGRETE PUSH BOAT         Rhine river type tug
Spring Class Limited              Pusher tug                                    Length 18”
♦ Thames Tug  “Plangen        Scale 1/35                                     Length 32”

 EXPLORER                        Dive Support Vessel                           Length 15½”
LUCILLE                               Paddle Boat                                      Length 15”
ACTION                                 SUB                                                   Length 15"
PAY N PAK                           Hydroplane

♦ Sports Runabout                                                                         Length 28”
♦ Hsu Fu bamboo raft     Scale 1/24                                            Length 30”

PLANS – No hull lines [ fibre glass hulls can be purchased from Gary King]

Dorothy Mackenzie                Scale 1/24                                     Length 18”
Sea Imp XII                            Scale 1/16                                        Length 28”
Ken Mackenzie                       Scale 1/24                                      Length 21½”
Tiger Sun                                 Scale 1/32                                      Length 28”
Foss Harbour Class                                                                        Length 40”

Items marked ‘♦’ are enclosed in a copy of Marine Modelling International which contains an article on the build of the model.

PLANS – No hull lines [ fibre glass hulls can be purchased from Gary King]


45 FT ADMIRAL’S BARGE                                    Beam 9 ½”     Length 33¼”   
12 ft Grand Banks Dory    
Jubilee Rail Car Ferry                                         HO Plans but can be enlarged
CARGO MASTER  75 TON DERRICK                                          Length 35”


HMS KENT       WWI cruiser    Scale 1/96          Beam 7¾”     Length 57¼”
HMS WILTON  Hunt Type 2 Destroyer         
ZERSTORER     German Narvik Class Destroyer of WW2      Length 33”    
D.E.HIBBARD   USN destroyer Escort                                      Length 25½”   
HARBOUR DEFENCE  Motor Launch                                        Length 36” 
H.M.S.MICKEY MOUSE  Mine Sweeper                                    Length 30” 
HIGGINS SERIES 78 FT PT BOAT          1/32 scale                   Length 30”  
HIGGINS HELLCAT PT BOAT                 1/24 SCALE                 Length 24” 
♦ Landing Craft Support Vessel           1/48 scale                   Length 27”
♦ Flatiron gunboat, 1872.                     1/48 Scale                   Length 23”

♦ Vosper MTB 379                                  1/32 scale                  Length 27”


FAIRLEY HUNTSMAN                                                                  Length 42”   BARB’S BOAT  SPORT RUNABOUT                                           Length 25”

DEGLET                                                                Beam 9”          Length 35”
TARPON                                                               Beam 9”         Length 35”

LORETTE                                                              Beam 10"       Length 34"

LORRAINE                                                            Beam 12”       Length 54”
SWEET SIXTEEN                                                   Beam 5¼”      Length 16”,
Pilot 2
Ravenna Fast Motor Cruiser                                                      Length 8”
Silver Machine Offshore Cruiser                                               Length13½”
S.S.MINNOW from GiIIigan’s Island                                          Length 28”


Thornycroft RANGE SAFETY    Scale 1/12        Beam 12½”     Length 43”, PILOT LAUNCH                                                                             Length 13½"
ROSE                          Steam Launch
SOL-D-OR                 Island Launch
GUARDSMAN          HM Customs & Excise Launch 1920        Length 22”


OCEAN GOING STEAMER            Scale 1/96
S.T.S. Dilysia Tanker                     Scale 1/50                             Length 38¼”  


KRISPIE                                                                                         Length 36"
PACER LANDYACHT                                                                    Length 30”

For more information, contact Steve. Plans can be loaned to club members at no charge, for own copies to be made. 

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