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​​Sailboat rebuild. 


Qtr 3

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​​2023 'Boats in the Park', May 27 to 28.

​​2023 First warm weather sails of the year.

2023 Boat, fishing & outdoor show.

​​2023 Canal Days, Port Colborne, August 5 & 6. 

April 12th and 14th in Hamilton Harbour.

2023 Home & Garden show.

​​ There are several ways in which the following story might be characterised. The irresistible force meets the immovable object. Craftsmanship is its own reward. Surprise that someone would donate a significant amount for work you enjoy doing.

Early this year Paul C. fielded an email which appeared on our website asking if we knew of anyone who could repair model sailboat, an old family heirloom. The included photos made it clear that it did not need repair, it needed a complete rebuild. See the first photo attached.
Paul had his hands full but knowing that we don't have many members who are keen on older sailboat models he decided he would talk to the owner, Adam. Adam is a very pleasant man who just wanted to have the boat looking good so that he can present it to his son, Mark, as a housewarming gift (his son is moving into a house on the beach in Hamilton). He was happy to pay for Paul's work but Paul refused to accept any payment because he felt that changes the relationship to a "boss/worker" one and that simply didn't appeal to him. He retired to get away from all of that!
Paul told Adam that he would do it but that it would take a lot of time (6-8 months – he had a lot going on) and he would, with some guidance, essentially do it his way. Adam quickly agreed with all of that so Paul was stuck with actually doing the project.
Work started in March and Paul brought a progress report (show & tell) to a club meeting later in the spring. At that meeting Paul explained to the group that he had taken on the project and he was well along with it. He mentioned in that meeting that Adam was rather insistent that he pay Paul for his work and also that Paul did not want to be paid. This developed the idea in Paul's head that he could ask for a donation to - you guessed it - the East Hamilton Boys & Girls Club.
In a subsequent email Paul put forward that suggestion and Adam jumped on it!  He asked for the website of the Boys & Girls Club and before Paul knew it he emailed me a receipt for a donation of $500!
The remaining photos show the rebuilt model and the presentation to Adam. Paul also acknowledged the contribution of parts by Peter F, Steve M, and John.