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Marine Drive unit

          Dale has found a supplier of motors, and of especial interest are small, slow speed motors. The supplier is www.the  this page shows an 8mm diameter 25rpm motor.

There was a reference recently on the website to another supplier: Precision Microdrives

Small, slow speed motors.

One of the tricky, early tasks in building a model of a twin-screw vessel is fitting the propeller shafts and tubes. Whether you are building a kit or from scratch, it’s equally tricky because you have to locate and make two holes in a surface which is probably sloping in two directions. The holes need to be in precise locations, and of a precise shape. They’re not even circular, but are oval. To make it even more complicated, often your only reference points (the ends of the propeller shafts) are located in mid-air somewhere, and you cannot see from one to the other in a straight line.

         A marine drive unit consisting of prop tube, prop shaft, propeller and motor mounting is available from at least 2 suppliers in the UK, Model Dockyard and J. Perkins.  This item takes away the hassle of trying to  correctly align the motor with the prop shaft. It is supplied with a plastic propeller threaded 4mm,  so a suitable brass prop could be substituted. The current price is around £12.50 (approx $21).

Installing twin propeller shaft tubes.

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