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Member's tip from Steve M: Use spring steel wire for flagpoles. Most vessels have an upright flagpole at the bow, and a sloping flagpole hanging out over the stern. These are two locations highly susceptible to damage, especially during transport. Use spring steel for the flagpoles so that if they are snagged they will bend without breaking. To make them safer for transport, make them removable. Fasten a piece of brass tube in the hull, and slide the flagpole in when needed.

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If you are looking for figures to populate your model, here are some options.

  • Gunthwaite Models offer a comprehensive range of 1/72 Royal Navy figures in a variety of clothing and postures. Gunthwaite range. These figures would work equally well as Canadian Navy. To obtain prices you will need to visit one of their stockists.
  • Microform Models is primarily a supplier of architectural model fittings, but also has figures in their collection.

Small metric screws.

​If you need small metric screws and nuts among other things, Prime Miniatures in the UK is one source. They stock screws as small as 0.6mm diameter.

Use spring steel wire for flagpoles.

Figures and screws

The kit manufacturers and the commercial market in ship model fittings can supply decent quality metal eyebolts these days.  However; almost all are fairly large with straight, smooth shanks. Sometimes, whatever scale you are working in, there is a need for a tiny eyebolt that can take a good deal of strain. See this idea from the Nautical Research Guild.

Making small eyebolts

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