Confederation Marine Modellers

Boat, Fishing and Outdoor Show, 2nd - 4th March 2018, Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

Pictures provided by Paul.

Recent events - Visit to the CCGS Private Robertson VC, 11th March

Pictures by Paul and Roy.

Wood Show, 23rd -25th February 2018, Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

Recent events - display at the Royal Canadian Legion in Stoney Creek on Remembrance Day.

Pictures provided by Paul and Roy.

"Spring Splash" at Safari Lake, Saturday 12th May.

Home, Garden and Outdoor Show, 5th - 7th April 2018.

"Boats in the Park", May 26th & 27th.

Recent events - Boat, Fishing and Outdoor Show, 2nd - 4th March, Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum.

Fred recently donated his remaining model of a stonehooker to the Stonehooker Brewing Co. of Port Credit.

The following is reproduced from the Bronte Historical Society.

Our member Fred Coutts gave a talk on his 2 Stonehooker models on Christmas 2012 . That evening, he donated the Lithophone model to the Society. because the original boat had been built in Bronte. The Lithophone is currently on display at Sovereign House. The other model  is now on permanent display at the new ‘S‘I’ONEHOOKER BREWING COMPANY" in Port Credit, Ont.
You might ask why the second model has no name. in 1857, the Three Rod law was passed by the Ontario Government prohibiting stonehookers from taking shale from within 3 “perches” (49-1/2 feet) of shore. This law was enacted to deal with erosion along the shoreline. The Captains of the vessels carried on their operations close to shore. in an attempt to avoid being identified, they would paint over the name of their boats. Thus, Fred chose to not name this model, as a nod to this activity.

Pictures by Roy and Paul; video by Paul.

Recent events

Fred's donation.

Pictures by Paul and Ray P..

Maiden voyage of Peter's laker Toledo

Great location, great weather, great company, great food. What more could a model boater want?

Pictures provided by Paul and Roy.

Space was limited this year so, not only did we not have a pool, but we were squeezed into a space outside the cafeteria which allowed us only two tables and the tops of a couple of display cabinets.

We had 14 participants and 42 models on display. Admittedly our numbers were swollen by Robert L. who brought along sixteen 1/350 scale model warships, ranging from a Flower class corvette to the Japanese battleship Yamato. He also displayed the sea battle game that he has developed.

Pictures provided by Paul

Visit to the CCGS Private Robertson VC, 11th March 2018

Our display this year comprised a small booth on all 3 days of the show, and a much larger space, which we filled mostly with sailboats, on the Sunday.

A great time was had at the CMM annual Hi-Point held at Spencer Smith Park.  Thanks to Spencer's Landing generous financial support we were able to secure exclusive use of the pond and the City also made sure the fllter pumps were off (getting the lawn sprinklers turned off seemed to be a bigger issue but it happened finally).
We were lucky enough to have twenty competitors with 28 boats entered in the competition.  Along with good representation from CMM we had competitors from Buffalo and from the Kitchener area.
At the end of the day results were like this:
Predicted Log -  Don Spielberger - Buffalo
                            George Specht - Buffalo
                            John Brokenshire - CMM

Precision Steering - Paul Spielberger - Buffalo
                                   Don Spielberger - Buffalo
                                   George Specht - Buffalo

Many thanks to Doug for all the running of the competition, Morley for delivering and taking back the trailer, Frank for all the pizza and cold drinks and Steve for all the planning.

Spencer's pond was the setting recently for the maiden voyage of Peter's laker Toledo.

​The model is 84" long, with a beam of 9.5", and a sailing weight of 42.5 lbs. It has been scratch-built to a scale of 1:85 based on the plans, and some photos, of the Strathcona which was built by A.J.Fisher at Royal Oak, Michigan.

Construction is of wood using a mixture of sheets and planks on frames, and sealed with epoxy inside and out. Of note is that most of the portholes are machined brass, with a few of plastic. It is single screw using a motor from a the power seat of a car. It and other electrics are fitted at the aft end under the deckhouse. Power is provided by a 12V gell cell battery.

​Four ballast containers containing lead shot are located in the holds, with the battery. The hull weight is 7 lbs and the ballast adds another 35.5 lbs.

CMM Hi-point, 8th July.