Hamilton Home, Garden and Outdoor Show, April 5-7.

Recent events - Maker Faire at the Steam Museum, 25th August 2019.

It has been reported previously that Fred had donated his model of a stonehooker to the Stonehooker Brewing Com. and more information has been provided about the brewery's grand opening.

Fred was led into the tap room by 2 bagpipers, carrying his Papier Mache Stonehooker. He placed it on a mantel in pride of place above the beer taps. This will be his Stonehooker’s  last resting place. As part of the ceremonies Fred was asked to give a talk to the crowd about the boats and the industry on Lake Ontario in the 1800’s.
The picture shows Fred under the tent with microphone in hand, the gentleman to his right is the Owner and to his right is the Brewmaster.

You can see a very short video of this at: Club videos. The other models are East Coast schooners which also decorate the taproom.

Pictures by Steve, Garth and Roy.

Recent events - Hamilton Home, Garden and Outdoor Show, April 5-7.

Recent events - Hamilton Boat, Fishing & Outdoor Show, 28th February - 1st March, Warplane Heritage Museum.

There was representation from Metro Marine Modellers (MMM) who are hoping to organize a Hi Point Regatta next year, who attended our event not only to participate but to also learn about the work that goes on behind the scenes in order to put on the event. We had several participants new to the event, and they seemed to enjoy themselves. 
Again the thanks of the CMM Executive to all of those who helped out in a variety of ways, including Bruce and Gary who moved the club trailer from the farm to Spencer’s and back again, to all the help we had in setting up and packing up our canopies and tables, to those who helped out by judging, to Doug for his guidance based on past years that he was involved, to Dean for manning the "board" and to all the participants from Buffalo, Kitchener, Toronto, and of course our own club members.
Ray Peacock from MMM dropped by and took a wonderful selection of photos.  The link to view them is attached below. Our event was photographed by ‘Snapd Burlington’, a publication that draws attention to local events and activities. A lot of photos were taken. Let’s hope a few make it to their publication. Will let you know what comes of that.

Pictures and text by Peter F.

Recent events - Stonehooker Brewing Co. Grand Opening, 22nd June 2019.

I participated in the set up of the pond at the Home Show - with 6 other volunteers. Members who have never done this should - to appreciate the planning and effort that goes into it all under the direction of Doug Grinyer. 
I attended the Sunday show which was a little slow on visitors but a great opportunity to catch up with the other 5 members displaying and finally run a model on water after our brutal winter. Many kids had the thrill of running the tugs which was enjoyable to watch.
Interestingly I ran into an old business friend who has been retired for quite some time and has expanded from RC aircraft into boats - I will be meeting with him again and he is very interested in joining and participating in our club.
I later helped in the tear down of the pond which went flawlessly  - ditto above comments.
Looking forward to doing it all again at Boats in the Park in May.

Pictures and text by Peter F.

Seven of our members participated in this show, selling the sailboat kits and running boats on the pond.

We did not sell all the boat kits. Estimates are that we sold about 2/3 of the 300 odd kits available. We collected $587.70. 
We incurred some expenses on the markers, and some extra fittings for the trailer and pool. 
The balance of the kits have been left in the trailer.

Rick took the opportunity to test run his new steamboat.

The set-up Thursday evening went well, due the great turn-out of volunteers who participated.

All three days were busy for our group, evidenced by the fact that we took in $300 in donations from the attending public for the Hamilton Boys and Girls Club. Our booth was rarely without at least 2-3 children running both the bumper boats and the pusher tugs.  

The take-down did run later than planned as we elected to continue operations on the water until closing time at 5 p.m. Our central location at the show then caused difficulties in getting the water out of the pond, related to access to power and access to a drain. We also elected to do a thorough job in washing down the liner (on both sides) once we were done pumping out the water. We now have a new bag for storing the liner so it will stay clean in the off season.

Events of the past 12 months

Recent events - Hamilton Hi-point, 7th July 7 2019.

Recent events - Port Colborne Canal Days, 2nd to 5th August 2019.

The clubs represented included: Confederation Marine Modellers, 
Golden Triangle Marine Modellers, Metro Marine Modellers and 
Buffalo Model Boat Club.

A total of 24 boats were registered for competition; down from last year but still a great turnout. The weather was good, except for a steady wind that left a chop on the pond, affecting all the competitors equally. This year we roped off a designated free sail area at the east end of the pond, in order to help bridge any gaps in the action.
The day launched at 10 a.m., thanks to the help received from all in attendance who pitched in to set up the canopies, tables, and the course markers. By noon we had completed the Precision Steering portion of the regatta. We broke for a pizza lunch provided by CMM. The Predicted Log heat ran in the afternoon, and went much more quickly.  By mid-afternoon the question was put to the attendees whether to try and run another heat, or be satisfied with the results at hand. The decision was to end that portion of the event and open up the course to a free sail while the results were tabulated. 

The results of the Precision Steering (PS) were: 
1st place result for Don Speilberger of BMBC, and a 
three way tie for 2nd and 3rd between John Brokenshire, Paul Speilberger and Peter Fulcher. A coin toss resulted in John placing 2nd and Paul placing 3rd, with Peter just out of the awards. 
In the Predicted Log (PL) event there was a tie between Peter and Don for 1st and 2nd, with Paul Speilberger placing 3rd. This time, Peter had a hotter hand with the coin toss and was awarded first place.
Our congratulations to all competitors. Each of the six was presented with a certificate and cash prize.

Pictures by Snapd and Peter F; text by Paul.

Recent events - "Light up the night", September 26th 2019

I attended the Saturday - a perfect weather day - good member turnout and effortless set up thanks to the Museum providing the tent and pond, tables, chairs - great  parking close by for early birds and even refreshments and food delivered to the tent during the day and to all exhibitors. Many interesting exhibits close by and a good crowd of visitors all day. We all got a chance to see the sights at the Canal Street with lots of vendors, food and historical displays - including the famous real Buffalo fire tug (that Garth built and was running at our display) and the Tall ship Empire Sandy. I finally won a balloon boat victory in one of the "battles" lots of action, laughs and minor damage to most of the 4 boats participating. The pond was perfect for our smaller more sedate models - I highly recommend this event and look forward to attending again next year 

Confederation Marine Modellers