Confederation Marine Modellers

​From Fred: Last year at Spencer's I was asked by a gentleman if I would do a talk at his church men's breakfast club. I said yes and gave him my card to give to the breakfast club organizer .The church is the Port Nelson United Church here in Burlington .They got in touch with me and I was to give my talk on Nov 05/2016. Unfortunately I ended up in the ICU at the Burlington hospital and had to cancel.  I was rescheduled for Mar 04/2017 .

All went well, I had breakfast with them and gave my talk after breakfast on the Stone Hooking trade and the building of my paper mache "Stonehooker" I believe that there was 30 to 40 men there.

I have attached a copy of the notice that was on the church bulletin board and one photo that was taken .

These final pictures (though clearly not of the sail race) show Hank with the Dutch Yacht model that had been donated to the club recently, and which he won in the 50/50 draw.  This model was built in either Holland or Sweden approximately 50 years ago and was crafted with excellent fittings and complete detailed standing and running rigging.  The boat needs a little cleaning and TLC but will be a fabulous showpiece with very little work.

Hank was very keen to get the boat so it was good that he won.

Pond cleanup and Sail Race, 14th May 2017.

Safari Lake Kids' Fishing Day - 13th May 2017.

Hamilton Wood Show, 24th - 26th February 2017.

Hi-point regatta, Rotary Centennial Pond at Spencer Smith Park, Sunday 11th July.

Port Dover Fish Fest, Saturday 15th July

Hamilton Boat, Fishing & Outdoor Show, 3rd - 5th March 2017.

About 20 modellers participated with their boats in our 2nd annual "LIght up the night" sail. Participants gathered from 6pm and continued to sail through the dusk until around 9pm. The activity attracted quite a number of spectators. Even the weather cooperated being dry and balmy into the evening.

Thanks to Frank for organising the event, and doing the run to Tim Horton's for the coffee and timbits, and Paul for the video.

Recent events - Sail race September 10th.

There was a group effort in removing the detritus from the winter.  Water is high and the dock is in good shape.  We attempted to run sailing races but abandoned it after just one race as the winds were perilously high. Thanks to Steve, Harry, Theo, Doug, Bill, Garth and Paul for the cleanup.

Information and pictures by Paul.

We had a dozen sailors turn up for the Kids' fishing day this year at Safari Lake including the three generations of one of our families.  The weather was perfect although the sailors would have preferred a little more wind.  The fast guys, however, were thrilled with conditions and cut up the water to everyone's entertainment.
With the change in format this year there were fewer kids so our pushers were used a few times but the concentration was on members' boats.  

Recent events - A typical week at the Burlington pond.

"Boats in the Park", 27th & 28th May

Pictures and commentary by Dale

          One of the items of interest on this weekend, at least to a small group of members, was the antique cruiser that Steve M. acquired. It is shown here in some of the pictures.
          Steve put together some of the loose pieces and snapped some photos of how he thinks it should look.
The model shows few signs of being scratch built and shows many signs of being a kit model or a professional build. He has run across an amazing number of examples of where a wood pegs were used to help pin parts together.
          The parts and accessories appear to be commercial ones; ones that Steve has never seen before.
           Steve is looking for someone in the club who has a good background knowledge of the various Chris Craft variants over the years ? The bow- rider isn't a normal feature of the larger versions of the Chris Craft line-up.
That is making the model match to any Chris Craft version that Steve can find on the internet very difficult.

Pictures by Paul, Ray P and Don, and commentary by Paul.

On most Sunday mornings in the summer you can find the members of the Southern Ontario division of the Sub-Committee of Ontario sailing in Riverside Park in Guelph. The models include scale models of Japanese, German, US and Russian subs, as well as Jules Verne's Nautilus.  They are a mixture of kit-built and scratch-built. Bruce's I-58 is built from a kit, but several features were wrong and Bruce has corrected these on his model. 

Pictures and text by Paul.

Spring Home and Garden Show, March 31 - April  2, 2017

31 boats participated:

​-  11 from Buffalo

​-  8 from Kitchener

​-  12 from Hamilton

Recent events - A visit to the Burlington pond by the Burlington Post.

Recent events

Thanks to Bob and Cher for a job well done.

News from elsewhere - Subs in Guelph

​​​​​"Show and tell" at Chartwell Brant Centre, Friday July 28th.

Louis, Harry and Fred did a static show at a Burlington long term care facility called “”Chartwell Brant Centre”. It’s on the Lake Shore beside the Joseph Brant Hospital. This was organized by Louis. 

There was no presentation per se . The residents came by and moved around our tables, front and behind. The staff also brought them in by wheel chair and walker. Harry, Louis and Fred explained  their models , how they were built, what they represented, etc.
All in all the residents seemed to enjoy our models and asked a lot of questions.

As Fred commented, "I think what Harry, Louis and I did is called “Giving Back”. I would hope that when I get into a seniors home someone does the same for me."

Recent events - "Light up the night" show at Spencer Smith Park, 22nd September.

We had a good number of spectators walking by as we were right at the sidewalk that went down to the new floating dock. We had a couple of chaps that lived in Pt. Dover and built model boats, so we hooked them up with Gary. We hope we can get a couple of new members from down there. John put his alligator tug in and I think it was Gary that put a sail boat in, but the real boats going up and down the river were a problem as they created a fair bit of wake and they wouldn’t see our boats.

Fred's talk on Stonehooking, 4th March 2017.

Pictures by Don, Steve and Roy.

At the club sail on the evening of July 20th, we were joined by a photographer from the Burlington Post.  The photos shown below subsequently appeared in the newspaper on July 27th.  Thanks to Metroland Media for allowing us to show them here.

Pictures by Morley and Paul C.

The winners were as follows:
Precision Steering
1st -  John Brokenshire  380  points
2nd - Paul Spielberger  380 points
3rd - Don Spielberger  380 points

They tossed a coin  to decide position.

The CMM celebration of Canada's 150th birthday was a festive occasion indeed.  Over the weekend 1,100 visitors came to see our boats and to judge our competition.  The People's Choice awards went to Bill M. for his Foundation Franklin in the working boat category while Don H. won the pleasure category and the military category with his Miss Maggie and his HMCS Agassiz.  The judged competition was won by Ray P. with his Anitra.
Saturday afternoon activities were cut a little short as the skies opened for quite a downpour for a short period around four p.m. but that didn't dampen the spirits of the members who joined together for a chicken dinner on site.
Sunday was another beautiful day and we were treated to a fabulous performance by the Royal Hamilton Light Infantry Colour Band.  Their expertise and extensive repertoire were impressive to say the least.  At the closing ceremonies MP Bob Bratina assisted Steve M. in presenting the awards to the competition winners.
Many thanks to Michael McAllister and Debra Seabrook of the Steam Museum for their unending support in this event and for all activities of Confederation Marine Modellers.

The following report was provided by Bob Farrant, Secretary of the GLMBA.

Well here we are in August already, where has the year gone.
It was a fun weekend as usual in Port Colborne. There were a few funny things that happened.

George Specht  decided to overload a chair and it broke. The look on his face as he was heading to the ground was spectacular.
Steve G. decided to eat a wasp and it fought back. He seemed to be allergic to it (wasp 1 Steve 0). His lip swelled up but he was ok and came back for more on Sunday.
Bob F christened his footy - it ran well but had a bad driver. It liked to stick to the wall so better get some instructions.
Steve tried to glue his fingers inside  a balloon buster with the help of Garth. The boat ended up ok but Steve spent all day worrying about the glue on his fingers ( just keep picking).
It rained really hard for about 5 minutes and Steve M. had more water on the deck than in the pool and he kept saying "I hope it does not sink". He must have thought it was a water transport. It survived but I am not sure about Steve.
The GLMBA Chairman showed up with his fleet and the one that was supposed to run would not - ( bad terminal, should have checked it at home ). A good thing he had a spare or his crew (his sons ) would have been upset.
Doug Specht had a 6 inch model that ran well.  Spectrum equipment.
We spent  a lot of time repairing balloon busters. It is getting to be a wreck 'em race but fun.
Steve and Dale M spent their anniversary there - what a great wife to allow him to attend Canal Days. We hope they have many  more wonderfull years together.
Too bad nobody from the local club  showed up,  it would have helped.

Event coming up is the High Point Regatta in Buffalo on August 27th, let's get out and support them. 

Port Colborne Canal Days, 4th - 7th August.

Attendance by the public at this show was lighter than we saw at the boat show, a situation reflected in the pictures shown here taken by Steve M. The kids' tugboats did not get the same workout as the boat show.

Predicted Log
1st  -  Don Spielberger  3 sec
2nd  -  Jeff Kipfer   23 sec
3rd  -  Steve Mackenzie  24 sec

Canada's 150th Birthday, 1st July, at Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology.

Pictures by Paul and Gary.

          Six sailors and a couple of observers showed up for the CMM September Sail Day at The Sod Farm on Highway 6 in Mount Hope.  The weather was perfect, the racing was very good and Harry, as usual, won most of the races.  Thanks to Doug for keeping score and to Mark for help in getting boats off the ropes.

The final picture shows Hank with the stand he has designed and had built for his Victoria that allows him to work on the boat with no table and without having to get down on the ground.  The work height is adjustable and a handle is provided to make it easy to remove the stand from the ground.