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EeZebilt 50+ Beaver tug.

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Amongst the collection of plans that Doug maintains is one for the “EeZeBilt 50+ Beaver tug”. This is very similar to a model that was originally produced as a kit by Keil Kraft, but the plan contains templates and step-by-step instructions to make it from sheets of balsa.

It has a deep (exaggerated) underwater profile for stability and lots of batteries, and a low-revving speed reduction driving a typical big tug propeller. You can make it in lots of versions - a high-mounted motor or low-mounted motor hull, and the superstructure can be almost anything you like – the instructions show an old steam tug and a modern diesel-engined one.

It's an excellent small, basic, inexpensive model that is quick to build, and ideal for giving you a taste of model boat building.

Doug has a paper copy of the plans printed on 8½ x 11inch paper, which make a model approx. 11 inches long, a convenient size for building and transporting. They can, of course, be scaled to any size you choose. You can also download a copy of the plans and instructions directly from